Kristeva and Islam Query

Carol Bove (University of Pittsburgh) is interested in books and articles that explore Kristeva's relation to Islam and/or Kristeva's relation to Muslim women. If you have any citations that might be of assistance, feel free to send an email to Carol. She is also working on an article on Therese Mon Amour. Citations on the Therese book would also be welcomed.


Kristeva, Conference on Rafah Nashed

The American Psychological Association has published Kristeva's comments on the imprisonment of Syrian psychoanalyst Rafah Nashed. The first female psychoanalyst to practice in Syria, Nashed is also the founder of the Damascus School of Psychoanalysis. She was imprisoned for two months in the fall of 2011. Kristeva's comments can be found here


2012 Conference Program

The preliminary program for the inaugural conference is now available for download


Julia Kristeva accepts invitation to Assisi III

According to Catholic new services, Julia Kristeva has accepted an invitaiton from Pope Benedict XVI to participate in a religious peace gathering in Assisi on October 27th. The theme for the event is "Pilgrims of Truth, Pilgrims of Peace." The gathering commemorates the 25th anniversary of Pope John Paul II's World Prayer Day in 1986. Kristeva is one of a handful of "non-believers" to be invited. Others include Remo Bodei, Guillermo Hurtado, and Walter Baier. You can read more about the event at the New Statesman, the Independent Catholic News Service or Kristeva's Official Website


Call for Abstracts

The Kristeva Circle is happy to invite abstract submissions for our 2012 inaugural conference! More information can be found on the Call for Abstracts  page. Please consider submitting something and distribute widely to your friends, colleagues, and students.